Our Safety and Logistics Team is the most important part of the expedition and the biggest team.

From Bimberi in the ACT to Baw Baw in Victoria the Climb8 Expedition team will need support teams throughout the mountains helping with food caching, health and safety, team changeovers and morale.

We invite anyone with a 4WD who can spare a couple of days to help us from May until August and briefly when the roads reopen after winter 2020, to join the team. In May we will be caching food and gear drops approximately every 100kms, after winter we will return to retrieve the empty caches.

Members of the expedition team will be trained in Wilderness 1st Aid and snow survival but we will also use the expertise and support of safety team members training in rescue and remote response.

Everyone on our Safety and Logistics team is invited to join the expedition for any of the sections of Climb8 if you have some backcountry touring experience.