Terra Roam

Expedition Leader

Setting a record first female solo, unsupported 17,200km circumambulation of Australia and more than 23,000kms of wilderness and adventure trekking on foot Terra Roam has been a professional and recreational adventurer and intrepid solo international explorer for over 30 years. She has been an Australian Geographic Society sponsored adventurer, is an Adventure Junky ambassador and has featured in Red Bull Adventure.

Over the last 30 years Terra has watched the Australian alpine ecosystems change and began campaigning for conservation and wildlife protection in her teens. This expedition is her positive action for change. She believes it is far better to be part of the change the world needs rather than sit on the sidelines and watch.

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Team Members

Throughout winter 2019 Terra will be meeting with potential team members and training with them on the Kosciuszko Mainrange and completing a Spring and Autumn reconnaissance traverse.

Terra is looking for adventurers with winter alpine touring experience, a passion for the Australian Alps, the desire to take action on climate change and able to join any section of the expedition. A team of 3-4 for any section is ideal for safety and dynamics. The team will change during the traverse, according to how much time each member can commit to the expedition.

If you would like to join the expedition team please understand Climb8 is not a guided tour or safety course so alpine experience is essential. If your do not have your own appropriate gear and clothing please organise to hire it from a local business. Each team member is responsible for their training, equipment, food, insurance and transport to and from Climb8.

If you would like to be part of Climb8 please contact Terra and organise to meet up for an overnight backcountry training tour.