Environmental impacts of climate effect the communities living and working in the mountains.

Expedition leader, Terra Roam, began living in Kosciuszko National Park in 1988, when the snowline was below 1,200m. In only 30 years she has noticed significant changes and listened to many stories and concerns of others.

From as far back as the seasonal travel of Ngarigo, Ngunnawal, Walgalu, Jiatmathang, Bidawal, Djilamatang First Nations between the coast to the east and riverlands west of the range into the mountains, gold mining, livestock grazing, sports, recreation and adventure pursuits, to scientific and conservation studies the snow has played a significant role in the lives of all who use the Australian Alps.

We will be talking and touring with members from a variety of communities, clubs and businesses to discuss how they connect with the Australian Alps, give voice to their concerns and share ideas for positive action.

Community is at the core of alpine life and the first to feel change and adapt. This adaptation may be to expand to accommodate new sports and activities, putting every resource into rescuing what is left of seasonal dependency or tapping into the fast growing movement of environmentally responsible adventure.

Members of First Nations, alpine clubs, communities and business representatives are invited to participate in Climb8 joining any section as fully self-sufficient members of the expedition.

Community groups, news networks and clubs, with a shared interest in the future of the Australian Alps, are a valuable part of Climb8. Together we can collect and share information and observations, connect with more people and support each other.

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