Climb8 is acting on climate change through factual and science based observations and collection of data from past and current scientific research of Australian and global alpine environments.

Climate change has been discussed for centuries, since agriculture began effecting micro climates and escalating as industrial revolutions impacted larger regions. In the last few decades we have started to notice climate changing at an alarming rate which requires urgent action.

No matter what you call it, climate trend, crisis, event, global warming, emergency, climate is changing rapidly across the entire planet and the long term outlook is the biggest global environmental disaster in human history.

Changes are happening before our eyes, undeniable shifts in temperature patterns, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, glacial and ice shelf recession and longer more severe drought. In the Australian alps we see higher snowlines, less snowfall, habitat loss and increased fire threat.

What are we doing about it?

We are part of the solution, working alongside scientists, studying available research results, collecting our own data and reporting in a way that can be understood and used by everyone.

Climb8 is an information sharing platform, providing insight and options, so everyone can make informed decisions and participate in climate action.