Through the collection of data, observations and studying past and present alpine climate research we will put together fact based and scientific information about the impact of climate change on the Australian Alps over the last 30 years.

With the assistance of scientists, alpine recreational users, communities, clubs, businesses and national parks we will look at the bigger picture and map out what has been happening and where this will go in the future.

As a team of citizens and scientists we will survey the environmental, community and recreational changes and threats of a rising snowline, less annual snowfall, as well as other impacts.

Studying social and business impacts we will survey a large section of alpine user groups to understand their awareness, attitudes, ethics and connection to the alps. We will look at what influences decision making and whether or not climate action and conservation are motivating factors.

8 Australian ski resorts are invited to participate and share their perspectives, strategies and plans.

All information collected will be made available through public platforms, social media, journals, film and news media in user friendly formats free from bias, sensationalism and manipulation.

Members of the scientific community are invited to join any sections of Climb8 as fully self-sufficient members of the expedition.